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As a college student, I needed a way to make money that would be flexible enough that it wouldn’t interfere with classes. With the help from Jen at Tried N True I felt confident in using Poshmark, I was able to learn to source high quality items and work when I had time to do so, and could focus on schoolwork and exams when I needed to. After finishing school, selling on Poshmark was how I was able to pay off student loans and start saving and investing money. I love the flexibility of selling, and knowing that the more I put into it, the more I can get out of it.

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Amanda L.

After climbing the corporate ladder to a global position, and giving all of my time and energy to someone else, I decided it was time that I invested more in myself and my family. I am forever grateful for Jen...She coached me, gave me feedback, helped me not make the same mistakes she had. And my little business grew! In 4 months I have doubled my investment, matched my previous income, and have built something I am so proud of.

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Mitsy O.

My favorite thing [Jen] taught me was organization. I NEVER would have thought to organize my things like the way she taught me. She’s great at teaching how to maximize the time you spend working so that you can make the most money and spend your time efficiently. I’m really grateful to be able to spend a couple hours a day working and bring in more than I would at another part time job.

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Katelin D.