Our Story


Several years ago, stay-at-home mom Jen started buying and selling liquidation pallets from home. She saw friends and fellow stay-at-home moms bringing in extra cash for their families and decided to give it a go! She doubled her investment on the first pallets of products her husband brought home. She reinvested the profits into another load of pallets. She repeated this process until she was able to steadily replace her husband’s six-figure income over a six-month period. When Jen and her husband realized they could replace her husband’s income with their reselling venture, he quit his job to work as a team to grow their business from home.

Over the course of Jen’s reselling journey, she realized that clothing is the best industry to be in. Clothing, unlike furniture, takes up less space and ships easier, making it ideal for resellers. Diverse reselling platforms make it easy for sellers and buyers. Once Jen found a reliable, steady inventory sources that provides high-quality products, she knew that she could make huge profits. She shares how to successfully source with her clients to ensure their success. 

Reselling gave Jen a purpose and independence while providing incredible financial support for her family. Her background in Marketing, Management, and Software Training & Sales, combined with her passion for her new business, made her a natural coach for friends and family interested in starting successful reselling businesses. She knows there are like minded people looking for purpose and independence, and she is there to coach them to reselling success!


Turn your thrifting and reselling
hobby into a reliable income!


The purpose of the Tried N’ True community is to empower women (and men) by providing them the resources, skills, inventory, and confidence to become an independent business owner. Through the Tried N’ True method, Jen earns an average of $3,500 a week over multiple selling platforms. Tried N’ True aims to help others be as successful as Jen and the many who have followed in her footsteps.

Every thrifter and reseller’s journey looks a bit different. Maybe you’re a thrifting veteran and have been hunting in thrift stores since high school. Maybe you started buying and selling clothes on Poshmark in college to keep your wardrobe current. Maybe you started selling the clothes in your closet to pay for your family’s Disneyland trip.

Regardless of when or how your journey started, you’re hooked and eager to learn how to scale your hobby and turn it into a business. If you’re ready to take the plunge and make a reliable income from reselling, sign up for our coaching program. If you’re intrigued and want to know what success you can expect, read our customer success stories. The Tried N’ True method is proven to turn reselling into a steady source of income.

The biggest benefit of becoming a part of the Tried N’ True community is that you, as an independent business owner, have a newfound identity and passion outside of the everyday work of college, motherhood, etc. Many of our clients, particularly stay-at-home-moms felt like they lacked self-expression and individuality before Tried N’ True. Reselling helped them rediscover their passions and gave them a creative outlet that allowed them to do something for themselves. Their new source of income helped them live the lifestyle they wanted, while still spending time with their children. You will become more independent and successful while watching your business grow.



To help others create a sustainable income doing what they love and to be a trusted and reliable source for desirable clothing brands.


  • Underpromise, Overdeliver  
  • Trustworthiness & Reliability
  • Help our community members save time and generate a real income

Our Why

Over the last few years we have been asked SO many times “where do you source” , “can you teach me how”, and “is it possible for me to make “X amount” doing the same?” After coaching others, seeing them reproduce our methods with accompanying sales and seeing them scale their businesses, we were made aware of the need for a trusted source for coaching and inventory.  

That is why we created Tried N True Coaching & Inventory! Having access to coaches who have walked the path before you, who know which methods are worth your time and energy, as well as which to avoid spending time on, will allow you to make more from your invested time. We have access to trusted brands and have the ability to pass those items on to you at a low enough cost that you have room to not only recoup your investment but teach how to double if not triple that investment on many items.  

With your initial signup for premium coaching & inventory we ship you over $3000 worth of inventory for you to get started right away, and as a member you will have the option of purchasing additional boxes.  No long hours hunting at a thrift store, with your kids and researching comps and hoping to find items that are sellable.  Now you can stay home with your kids, order a box of “new with tags” items, quickly look up, & list!  As we say around here “List it, Sell it, Pack it, Ship It!”


Happy Clients

My favorite thing [Jen] taught me was organization. I NEVER would have thought to organize my things like the way she taught me. She’s great at teaching how to maximize the time you spend working so that you can make the most money and spend your time efficiently. I’m really grateful to be able to spend a couple hours a day working and bring in more than I would at another part time job.

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Katelin D.

As a college student, I needed a way to make money that would be flexible enough that it wouldn’t interfere with classes. With the help from Jen at Tried N True I felt confident in using Poshmark, I was able to learn to source high quality items and work when I had time to do so, and could focus on schoolwork and exams when I needed to. After finishing school, selling on Poshmark was how I was able to pay off student loans and start saving and investing money. I love the flexibility of selling, and knowing that the more I put into it, the more I can get out of it.

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Amanda L.

After climbing the corporate ladder to a global position, and giving all of my time and energy to someone else, I decided it was time that I invested more in myself and my family. I am forever grateful for Jen...She coached me, gave me feedback, helped me not make the same mistakes she had. And my little business grew! In 4 months I have doubled my investment, matched my previous income, and have built something I am so proud of.

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Mitsy O.