Tips N Tricks

Consistency is Key

There are two main things you can do everyday that actually affect sales on Poshmark:  

  1. Share your items frequently
  2. List or Relist (relist items 60 days or older) a minimum of 5 per day

Google Analytics & Poshmark

Make sure your title is a minimum of 4-5 words.  Poshmark says it has a 60% higher chance of selling due to having more keywords that are searchable on Google. (many of my buyers are not sellers on posh and they are not following me on posh.  I put zero time into gaining more followers)

Photos tell a story

When deciding the order of photos;  Start strong and end strong.  The very first impression is your cover photo, the middle photos should be what they need to know (colors, pattern, image of tags, labels and any other important details).  The very last photo or two should be the next best images to leave them with a strong impression before they read your description.  Make sure to include any flaws or possible concerns to avoid any open claims.

Keep a record

Even if you are only planning on doing this as a side hobby,  track your investments, record all expenses (tape, mailers, etc), and record all sales.  You would be surprised at how much knowing that information will help you make better decisions.

Start with the basics

Basic equipment: Soft Tape Measure = $3  Stick & Peel Command Hooks for the wall $4  Hanger $1 for 10 (you only need one) Tape Lint Roller $3   Free app that removes the background  & Cell phone for photos.  Free shipping supplies usps.   As you recoup your investment you can add in other nice to have tools, but initially they won’t make or break a sale.

Limit Expenses

Don’t rush out and buy expensive equipment.  It’s important you keep your costs as low as possible especially starting out.   Lighting, Steamers, backdrops, mannequins etc Not required.

Keeping treasures

When you receive your box of inventory, there is a good chance from time to time you will find items that you really want to keep.  I usually do one of two things based on the item and how much I want to need it in my life.   Either list it high so on the off chance it sells then you don’t feel bad about shipping it out,  Or set it aside and work hard at listing and selling other inventory with the goal in mind to earn it. Then when you keep it you appreciate it that much more. 

Compound Effect

I absolutely love the book “Compound Effect, By Darren Hardy”   Taking small steps consistently towards your goal overtime WILL make a huge impact.    I don’t list today because I expect those things to sell today, I list today and everyday because I know I am building my closet to sustain regular sales in the future months.